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Psychological Support During COVID-19 Pandemic #S1/03

  Stress and psychological strain affect your body and will at times increase the blood glucose level on account of the way different hormones behave. Different individuals are more or less sensitive to these reactions in their bodies. Biologically, when the body is exposed to stress, the adrenal glands secrete the hormone adrenaline which in turn increases the output of glucose from the liver “Dr Ragnar Hanas, MD, Ass. Prof. Consultant Paediatrician, 2019”  Did you know?  • Stress that cannot be influenced (such as problems in the family or at work) will have the greatest effect on your health. • Stress can also affect your blood glucose for the simple reason that you will not have as much time to care for your diabetes when life becomes busy and stressful. • Adrenaline (stress hormone) gives: 1. Increased blood glucose level by: A) Release of glucose from the liver. B) Decreased uptake of glucose into the cells. 2. Ketones by: Breakdown of fat into fatty acids that are tra