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ATTD2021 Conference Report

Why have WE NOT Prevented/Cured Type 1 Diabetes? 1. Sub-optimal trial designs (dose/power/populations); 2. Treating too late / lack of stage specific interventions; 3. Treating “just” the immune response; 4. Failure to use drugs in combination; 5. Performance of trials with questionable rationale; 6. Lack of informative biomarkers; 7. Not knowing the role of environment in in T1D; 8. Failure to appreciate disease heterogeneity; 9. Failure to understand the disorder pathogenesis. The role of Technology in Type 1 Diabetes Beyond the Pandemic @ChantalMathieu 1.     1. Insulin therapy remains challenging in people with Type 1 Diabetes; 2.   Glucose variability, risk of hypoglycemia, weight gain and overall disease burden remain issues in those living with T1D; 3.   Patient education and coaching, better insulins and novel technologies are helping people with T1D Digital Diabetes Emergencies @IrlHirsch ·          Hypoglycaemia and DKA remain major emergencies in