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Diabetes Management

The goals of treatment for diabetes are to prevent or delay complications and optimize quality of life. However, it is difficult, if not impossible, to manage your diabetes without monitoring it at home. It is often said that “trying to manage your diabetes without home monitoring is like driving a car without a milometer, fuel gauge or temperature gauge”. Therefore, undoubtedly/ without a doubt “Everyone is like a child when starting something new.” Diabetes self-management education and support, medical nutrition therapy, routine physical activity, smoking cessation counseling when needed, and psychosocial care are essential to achieving treatment goals for people with diabetes goals as suggested by (ADA, 2020). There are two major self-management tasks to keep in mind. The first is to maintain a safe blood glucose level (this means balancing all the treatment methods, which include healthy eating, exercise, managing stress and emotions, and medication) and to detect early any prob

Diabetes and Weight Management

Some researchers attribute rising obesity, at least in part to increasing numbers of former smokers. Others attribute it to the recent increase in carbohydrate consumption by those trying to avoid dietary fat. Whatever the reasons, overweight and obesity can lead to diabetes ( Type 2 Diabetes ). There is strong and consistent evidence that obesity management can delay the progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes and is beneficial in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In patients with type 2 diabetes who also have overweight or obesity, modest and sustained weight loss has been shown to improve glycaemic control and to reduce the need for glucose-lowering medications. The America Diabetes Association (2020) strongly recommends that one should: ·          Measure height and weight and calculate BMI at annual visits or more frequently. BMI can be calculated manually as weight divided by the square of height in meters (kg/m2) or electronically using the electronic medical rec