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Screening For T1D in Children

  As a #dedoc°voice scholar (for the 3rd time) since 2020, I had the priviledge to attend the most extraordinary 47th ISPAD Annual Conference (October 13-15, 2021). I'm forever grateful to the  #dedoc° program for the amazing opportunities of not only to attend but to speak. This blog will focus on the importance of screening for Type 1 Diabetes, from the Debate I / Screening for T1D  by  Speaker: Francesco Chiarelli and  Carla Greenbaum. More so, this study will provide the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines. Why screening a good thing? 1.        Primary Prevention All interventions are intended to hinder the onset of diseases in the population, fighting the causes and predisposing factors. Often the intervention aims to change habits and incorrect behaviors (behavioral intervention) 2.        Secondary Prevention Its objective is the early identification of sick or high-risk subjects in order to achieve heali

Paradigms of Diet in Type 1 Diabetes #ISPAD2021 S1E3

  Dietary recommendations for children with diabetes are based on healthy eating recommendations suitable for all children and adults and therefore, the whole family. Nutritional advice must be adapted to cultural, ethnic, and family traditions and the psychosocial needs of the individual child. Likewise, the choice of insulin regimen should take into account the dietary habits and lifestyle of the child, as suggested by (ISPAD, 2018). Structured Eating: Current Recommendations International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes: ·          Implementation of an individualized meal plan with prandial insulin adjustments improves glycemic control ·          Matching of insulin dose to carbohydrate intake on intensive insulin regimens allows greater flexibility in carbohydrate intake and mealtimes, with improvements in glycemic control and quality of life. Meal-time routines and dietary quality are important for optimal glycemic outcomes. Diabetes Canada: ·          Consistency in