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Addressing Unique Health care needs of Women with Diabetes by Technology #ATTD2022

What an honor to be awarded a full scholarship to attend one of the extraordinary conferences in the world by the  #dedoc° (an international network of diabetes advocates) and because of this program since 2020, I have been able to attend ISPAD and  ATTD. since the time I joined, the core principle is an always has been #PyItForward and the entire network has that responsibility. Therefore, kindly accept my humble 2nd takehome message (summary from one of the sessions i thought could benefit everyone). Glycemic Control and Health Complications of T1D & T2D: Women vs. Men Type 1 diabetes affects both men and women; Type 2 diabetes prevalence could be region-specific; Females have higher rates of T2D in youth, and men have a higher prevalence in midlife (roughly there are 200million women living with diabetes in the world) NB. Diabetes is the world’s eighth leading cause of death among both sexes and the fifth leading cause of death among women.  Are Diabetes Outcomes Gender Neutral

COVID-19 and Diabetes #ATTD2022

My #ATTD2022 experience was nothing but phenomenal and something that I feel the entire diabetes community should have had access to if they could! A conference with over 4000 participants from across 100 nations or so. Here are my greatest take-home messages from amazing professionals (HCPs, Professors, and Researchers, PwD, Industry expertise) with their awesome insights that cannot be fathomed or compressed in a single post, however, enjoy as we continue to #payitforward  as the  # dedoc°voices! Diabetes is associated with a higher risk of: hospitalizations; longer hospital stays; ICU admission; death, Morbidity and mortality are age-dependent and 30% higher in men compared to women (this is true even in the general population without diabetes), The risk for hospitalization is elevated in both T1D as well as T2D, Women with COVID-19 diagnosis were at higher risk for: Preeclampsia/eclampsia; severe infection; ICU admission; Maternal mortality; Preterm birth and Neonatal complications