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Diabetes Screening 1st Edition @Kariba

Diabetes is a highly prevalent health condition in the aging population. An estimated number of 537 million adults aged 20–79 years are currently living with diabetes and an estimated number of 240 million people are living with undiagnosed diabetes worldwide , meaning almost one-in-two adults with diabetes are unaware they have the condition, as was suggested by the 10 th edition, IDF Atlas 2021. Worse off, the African Region has the highest proportion of undiagnosed diabetes at 53.6%, as compared to the other six Regions of the International Diabetes Federation, and the number of people with diabetes in the IDF Africa Region is expected to increase by 129% by 2045, the highest predicted increase of all regions. It should be noted that diabetes management in older adults requires regular assessment of medical, psychological, functional, and social domains. Furthermore, older adults with diabetes have higher rates of premature death, functional disability, accelerated muscle loss, and