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Launch of Sinocare Diabetes Devices in Zimbabwe

The group of people that attended the launch of Sinocare's Launch Diabetes imposes a substantial economic burden on countries, health systems, people with diabetes, and their families, as suggested by International Diabetes Federation, 2021. World Health Organization postulated that, globally, an estimated 537 million adults aged 20–79 years are currently living with diabetes (representing 10.5% of the world’s population in this age group as of 2021). It was awe-inspiring to witness, Sinocare launching some of its most awaited products in the Zimbabwean market. As a person living with diabetes, together with other Zimbabwean Leading Laboratory corporations and renowned diabetes organizations as part of the audience, with a greater understanding of how glucose monitoring is key for the achievement of glycemic targets, extremely commend Re-Med Pvt Ltd for partnering with Sinocare, in the hope to bring in the advent of new technology (that is evolving rapidly in both accuracy and af

Fostering Resilience in Type 1 Diabetes Management

  Group photo “It is no fun getting diabetes, but you must be able to have fun even if you have diabetes”, Professor Johnny Ludvigsson . Under the directive Dr. David Leboho (President – Midlands Diabetes Interest Group); Mr. Ngoni Muzondo (Project Coordinator – Midlands Diabetes Interest Group); Joyline Chipo Chihota; Ruth Hlongwane; Annastacia Makundo (team SolidarMed); and myself. We hosted a Diabetes camp for children/adolescents and their parents/guardians. This initiative was conducted, under the theme: “Fostering Resilience for Type 1 Diabetes Management”. We believe in working in teams, hence the camp was brought up by the Midlands Diabetes Interest Group , in collaboration with Zimbabwe Diabetes Association , at Mkoba Teacher’s College and The Village Escape, in Gweru. A huge thanks to team SolidarMed for the amazing donation of insulin for every insulin user, that attended the camp (at least every child/adolescent walked away with 2-4 vials/pensets of insulin). Diabetes is e